Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 23 August 2009

i am on my path.

nv-ne-hi: nuh nay he: path/trail

a friend of mine recently embarked on a 365 days of yoga journey, with an accompanying blog. i’ve been contemplating a separate space to write about my own journey. i’m taking advantage of her momentum. so this will be for goals, reflections, and whatever else falls out of my head. i am on my path. welcome.

although i’ve been practicing yoga consistently for over two and a half years, i’ve dedicated to it this year in a special way. i attend O2 yoga studio in somerville and the south end and hold a workstudy post at back bay yoga studio in downtown boston. my main practice is vinyasa, with dabblings into forrest, yin, and ashtanga. i intend to go on a retreat in 2010 and hope to take a teacher training before too long, to improve my own practice and eventually work with children.

i’ve also started to explore the history and traditions of some of my ancestors recently – specifically the Cherokee and Welsh elements of my heritage. Marilou Awiakta’s book Selu and Thomas King’s The Truth About Stories opened places in my heart. my grandmother is currently completing the process of tribal registration in Oklahoma (it’s been a long and daunting haul). i hope to register myself in the coming years. i’m proud to be Cherokee and glad that my grandmother has done the difficult job of researching many branches of our family. and i feel that the Native Americans and Celts have some similar stories to tell. my one all too brief foray into Wales stole my heart. for the past year, i’ve been *slowly* learning Welsh – the consonants echo strange and stunning. it’s a good jaw workout. i sort of doubt that i’ll ever be a fluent speaker, but it will be thrilling to return and be able to read some of the crazy-looking road signs.

i’ve encountered an intense current of change and adversity the past few months. many of the cornerstones of my life – home, work, love life, health, and family – have been in flux and often a source of stress and worry. although not every day is a good day and not every action i take is one that i am proud of, mostly i’ve dealt well. certainly better than in the past. i have so much to be grateful for, but the three things that have kept me whole through this process are my yoga practice, my faith that all things happen for the best, and the patient kindness of a man i hope to always have in my life.


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