Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 18 September 2009

“close your anus”

last saturday i went to one part of a weekend-long series of workshops with David Swenson at BBY. i went to the pranayama and bandhas workshop. really, i wish i could have just done the whole weekend, but it was financially impossible and would have required begging more people to sub for my workstudy shifts.

David Swenson was funny and direct – two qualities i like in a teacher. i do wish we had spent more time talking about breathwork & locks and less time treating the workshop as a general Q&A time, but what he had to impart was valuable and useful. my partnering time with Heather gave me some areas to focus on. the experience has me psyched to include more pranayama work in my practice — it’s something i’m terribly bad about. he mentioned thinking of the breath as a wheel, rather than a vertical motion, which i think will be helpful for me down the road.

who knows? maybe it will even help me stop drowning myself in swim class. rotary breathing is difficult for me because i have a very hitchy out-breath (which i’ve been told is especially prominent when i’m asleep). yeah, that’s how you end up with water up your nose. guh! i finish with my first swim class (a six-week session through Cambridge Adult Ed) this monday and start my second class (an eight-week session at the Y) next friday. if i’m able to, i’d like to sneak in another swim class before my (still theoretical, but hopefully not for much longer) trip to Mexico in january.


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