Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 4 October 2009

On the Proliferation of Yogi Heathers, or Buen Viaje

when i got back into yoga (and got serious about it for the first time) getting on three years ago, it was because my friend Heather asked me if i wanted to go to a class with her. i hauled myself out of my warm bed and out into the january weather to attend a class at O2 in Somerville, taught by Heather Stewart. everything clicked. i’d liked the idea of yoga, but had never found a place for myself with it. this was it.

O2 works for me because i like all of the teachers, but i still have favorites. i love Katherine Pomponi and Elliot McEldowney’s classes – always challenging, but welcoming too. but i love Heather Stewart’s classes the most. of all the yoga teachers i’ve worked with since, she’s still my favorite. Heather moves to San Francisco this month. i’m trying to take a class with her every week while she’s still here. i’m definitely going to miss popping into her tuesday night classes, but it’s also kind of exciting to think that the next time i’m in the Bay area, i can check out a new studio and a familiar teacher.

i also look forward to working with her again in january – i’ve finally registered for O2’s yoga retreat in Mexico. my first trip abroad alone since 2002, long overdue.

this is my thank you to the Heathers who brought me back to yoga, which is a way of thanking people who helped bring me back to myself.


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