Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 30 November 2009

On Injury

my Thanksgiving weekend yoga extravaganza got derailed midway by my first ever pulled muscle, just beneath my left shoulder.

first, the obvious – ow! i’m grateful that the pain was short-lived. the worst of it was late friday night, when i worried that i might actually faint. fortunately, the recovery seems to be advancing as rapidly as the decline did. at this point, i feel mostly normal, but have some tweakiness if i move really suddenly in certain directions and when i sneeze. nothing major now, although i clearly still need rest and will have to be careful and gentle about resuming my regular yoga and swim classes.

so how did this happen? i have no idea. although i took a vigorous yoga class with Ame in the morning, i never felt like i stressed my body out – in fact, i deliberately eased off certain poses. this is definitely not an “event” type injury. my best guesses right now are that i’ve developed a weird posture either while i’m asleep or at my desk at work that is causing stress on my left shoulder. it’s possible that i’ll never figure out where this came from, but that doesn’t mean i can’t learn from my busted shoulder.

i’m lucky to have only a minor injury to deal with that will heal itself with a little time and care. it’s an opportunity to be more mindful about my habits – the hardest thing to be mindful of, i think. this week i’ll be monitoring myself at work and next week i’m going to do my best to figure out if i’m sleeping strangely. i’m also being more proactive about giving myself regular stretch breaks; it’s a good thing i have my own office!

here’s crossing my fingers that by this time next week things will be back to normal. i intend to do some light restorative/yin type yoga during the week at home. i’ve got my first intermediate swim class on friday, so i’ll have to tell the instructor that i will need to take it easy. by the weekend, i’m hoping that i’ll feel up to taking a class again with heavy modifications – i probably won’t go back to ashtanga this week, but maybe a vinyasa class sans up-dogs and such.

my friend Marc is visiting this coming weekend and he asked to go to a yoga class with me. depending on his schedule and how i’m feeling, i think we’ll take either slow flow with Ame, yin with Heather, or vinyasa with whoever is subbing for Kate. i love taking someone to class with me if they express an interest – i love my yoga practice so incredibly much and it’s a great joy to share that with someone i love.


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