Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 8 December 2009

Junky Junkyard Shoulder

a visit to my nurse was helpful but only in a limited way. she gave me muscle relaxers, which i took for a few days, and they do seem to have done some good. i haven’t had a regression of the type i experienced last tuesday (which sent me into the doctor’s in the first place). i have been a space cadet, though.

i went to my intermediate swim class friday and Moira took it easy on my shoulders, so that went just fine – well except for when i crashed my right hand into the metal pole for the new lifeguard stand – i’ve got a nasty tender bruise to show for it. it’s true – i am a special one.

i also had a delightful weekend of yoga sharing – my friend Marc visited me and we went to Ame’s vinyasa with deep relaxation class then sunday i took my roommate, Erin, and her visitor to Peter’s vinyasa class. ended the weekend coming back to BBY with Erin for Heather’s yin class. i took it easy on myself (because when i wasn’t looking i became someone who can take three yoga classes in just over 24 hours and still be taking it easy – awesome!) and all seems to be fine.

my best guesses at this point are that i sit weird at work and my left lat is weak.

i hate sitting at a desk in an ergonomic chair. hate hate hate it. memory one of my mom: she’s been scolding me for as long as i can remember for not sitting like “a lady.” my mom isn’t old enough to be so old-fashioned sounding, but sometimes she is. the parts of my hips that are flexible are probably a result of my preference for sitting either cross-legged or with my legs in something like Marichyasana D (sans the twist bit). i rarely sit with my feet on the floor. even in restaurants and meetings and other places where i’m supposed to sit like a lady dammit. since i got a new office/desk/chair in september, i’m constantly uncomfortable at work. i haven’t figured out how to solve this yet, but trial and error will get me somewhere eventually, i hope.

on the lateral front (well back really), i’m singling this muscle out because of the wrap-around pain i’ve occasionally experienced stretching across to my armpit. mom memory two: when i was in elementary school, my mom was going to MDCC and one of the classes she took was anatomy. i remember her flashcards of muscles and tissues and insides – they made me nauseous. i was so glad that i wasn’t interested in anything that would require me to learn about all the yucky squishy bloody gunk that i am made of. ha! so much for that. (i was wrong about being an archaeologist when i grow up too.) it still grosses me out, kinda. anyway, all tangents aside, i’m not going to have a better sense than i have now of what is really wrong unless i get a referral for xrays. and as long as i continue to feel better, i don’t feel the necessity for that.

my plan for now is to continue being mindful, to continue my regular activities as much as possible, and to call for xrays if anything changes. i’m going to take another week off from my Ashtanga practice (sadness) but maybe by next weekend i’ll be feeling up for it again. tonight: epsom salt bath. tomorrow: vinyasa with Katherine at O2. friday: swim class. saturday: restorative yoga with Heather, maybe slow flow with Ame too. sunday: tbd – i definitely want to get Erin to a class at BBY, but O2 is also having a tag sale for charity/free class with Mimi and i might not be up for two intensive yoga classes yet, even with mods.

suggestions? let me know! i’m just playing this by ear.


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