Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 17 December 2009

A-ha Moment

we’ve all had them, yes? those lovely instances of timelessness when things click together in your head. i might have had one this weekend while researching a term paper that i just finished.

the paper was on the globalization of American philanthropy (fancy phrase for a twelve page overview). i read quite a lot of articles from The Chronicle of Philanthropy and found one on – yoga for humanitarian aid workers! (sorry, they make you pay for archived articles, so no link, but look it up if you have access through a university library or some such.) seriously? YOGA FOR HUMANITARIAN AID WORKERS. you may recall from an earlier blog post that i’ve been thinking about humanitarian aid already this year. i’ll be thinking about it even more next year as i take a graduate research proseminar on humanitarian rights in Latin American fiction. (sometimes, it’s like school reads my mind. bliss.)

my two major reasons for wanting to do a teacher training next year are: (1) better my own practice, and (2) teach yoga on a volunteer basis. i want to do this someday. to help the helpers.

in case you’re curious, my current long-term thinking includes TEFL certification, yoga teacher training, yoga for kids teacher training, MA in foreign language literature and culture (Spanish), MA in translation (in Wales), MA in folklore (UNC, Cherokee/Native studies). ideally these lead into a wide array of exciting options that i haven’t even begun to imagine yet. most of the above ideas weren’t yet in my head a year ago, although a few are of longer standing.

of course, things like this are years and years away. but it’s exciting to see these otherwise weird and separate strands of my life collide, while working on something supposedly unrelated, in ways that inspire me.

injury update: doing well so far this week. did my first few up-dogs towards the end of Ashtanga class with Rochelle the other night and that felt fine. went ahead into shoulder stand figuring that wouldn’t actually stress out my lateral much, and it didn’t. as long as i take it easy in swim class tomorrow, i think i’ll continue to improve. going to toe that important line between respecting my body’s healing process and working at it. fingers crossed that i’m back to normal by the time i hit Mexico!


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