Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 11 January 2010

Anticipation Mishmash

i don’t have a cohesive post in my head right now, but i’ve been wanting to update on random items. so here’s a grab-bag sort of jumping bean post.

went to Rachel’s forrest yoga class on saturday and did some inversions at the wall – my first inversions since november. no tweaking, no significant discomfort since. i also did some full vinyasas in Aaron’s class yesterday and that seems fine too. i’m stiff still and achy, but that’s nothing different from how i’ve felt anyway. also, i had my first post-holiday swim class this weekend and that didn’t create any soreness either. so the shoulder is well on its way to recovery, although not all the way yet.

i’m looking forward to loads of things happening in the next few weeks:

  • my much-anticipated yoga retreat to Tulum, Mexico! beach, jungle, ruins, yoga, food, massage, hopefully some writing. i can’t believe this is really about to happen. there’s the additional benefit of practicing my Spanish, although Mexican Spanish is very different from the Cuban/Madrileno/Argentine Spanishes that I am most familiar with.
  • detoxing. i’m planning a mild detox next week as prep for Mexico. no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, no dairy. loads of fruits and veggies – probably a soup-heavy menu. this seems like a good time to hit the reset button anyway after the decadence of the holidays.
  • spring semester. i finish my graduate certificate in non-profit management (glad to be done) and move ahead with my required graduate research class for my master’s in foreign language, literature, and culture. this class will focus on humanitarian rights in Latin American literature – it’s a dream topic for me and will likely give me a good leg up on my planned thesis on portrayals of indigenous peoples in Latin American poetry.
  • boston organics. i’ll be getting bi-weekly deliveries of fruit & veg! not only will this make eating better easier, but i’m hoping it will also spur me to learn how to can & preserve – a longstanding goal of mine. Dominique has volunteered some canning supplies! this is going to be great. we’re also looking into having milk, cheese, and yogurt delivered from a local dairy farm, but need to figure out if we’re actually in the delivery area. i would love to have a milkman!
  • starting to learn Cherokee. like Welsh, it will be hard and slow because i have no one to practice with, but progress will still be made. i have to remember to acknowledge the small steps that make a difference – for instance, i can’t speak much Welsh at all, but when i listen to it on BBC radio, at least i can tell where words begin and end. wondering how long it will take Cherokee to move away from gobbledegook and into the realm of language; it will be exciting to find out.

i’m reading a book now on translation (focus on Southeast Asian languages), so expect a post on this subject, so near and dear to my heart, in the not so distant future.



  1. So inspirational (as usual). I hope that you have an amazing time in Mexico and take a ton of pictures.

    John David and I are still toying with the idea of joining a fruit/veggie co-op in Gainesville, but time is running out!

    • Thanks, hon. I definitely intend to take some pics down there!

      I toyed with a farm-share, but it seemed like too big of a commitment to make. Whether you co-op or not, I hope you two whip up some delicious things as spring approaches. 🙂

  2. I want to learn Cherokee! I’ll practice with you! 😀

    • awesome! i’ll copy the cds i have for you! : )

      now go to bed so you’re a fresh yoga-teaching daisy tomorrow!

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