Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 4 February 2010

On Self-Care

i am currently, as a friend likes to say, “all over the map.” although i need to write about my wonderful Mexico retreat experience, what’s weighing me down at the moment is the sheer amount of time commitments i’ve crammed into my first week back. (note: i am almost incapable of saying no to time with friends. it’s something that puts a strain on my life, but i’m not sure it’s something i want to change. i’m also nearly incapable to slowing myself down.)

so there’s my regular 9-5 (which lets not even talk about how nuts that is right now) plus 2 hours of commuting time whenever i leave the house. i’ve got extra BBY shifts because of swaps for my travels, am taking classes at Emerson for a copyediting certification, have started my regular semester (2 classes) at Harvard, have a bunch of plans revolving around the birthday of one of my nearest-and-dearest, and still have swim class. plus i need to do homework and am utterly neglecting housework and writing work and language work.

so i’ve completely wrecked my schedule this week. i’m worried that i’ll get sick because i’m not home to wind down so i’m not sleeping enough, and i’m not home to cook so i’m not eating well. this is a time when i clearly need to be taking better care of myself, and it’s not happening. ack!

any tricks for self-care when you’ve over-booked yourself like woah? the best i’ve got is that i need to crock pot myself a meal while i’m asleep, but i haven’t even had a chance to go to the store and get ingredients. i’m promising myself that, no matter what, i’m at least steaming some kale tonight. kale, please save me from myself!



  1. Viparita Karani for as long as possible, whenever possible. It’s like the reset button for the whole body/mind complex!

  2. thanks, teach!

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