Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 9 February 2010

O2 Yoga retreat – the scene

where to begin? general observations, i suppose. Tulum is definitely a resort area, and the divide between tourists and locals is obvious. these people are not living in luxury, that’s for certain. i found myself not caring on the few occasions when i was “over-charged” for something. so what? if i feel i have enough money to take a vacation like this, then i’m not about to begrudge it. i had fewer chances to practice my Spanish than i wanted — many people would talk to me in English even when i spoke to them in Spanish. frustrating! the people who did speak to me in Spanish, though, were gracious and it was fun to see how much i could understand. it’s been a long time since i’ve traveled in a non-English country, and it was a real joy.

the beaches are stunning. and i grew up around some damn nice beaches. the whole trip was just decadent. i could watch the sunrise over the ocean from my bed. one morning on the beach, Mimi’s husband chopped open coconuts for us to drink (salt, lime, tequila, and straw included). every meal included heaping bowls of fresh, cut fruit. i had a Mayan honey massage treatment that was absolutely blissful – and not sticky at all. i actually didn’t want to wash it off because i liked the scent. i went swimming with Steve, Jeff, and two adorable little boys at a cenote one afternoon. i spent a morning navigating the ruins at Coba on a wobbly bike wearing an inappropriate skirt.

here’s an example of a typical day of my trip:

  • 7am (ish): wake up and watch the sunrise
  • 7:30am: 90 minute yoga class
  • 9am: leisurely breakfast
  • 10:30am: head to the beach with a book, but end up mostly chatting
  • 1pm: leisurely lunch
  • 2:30pm: long walk along the beach/swimming/playing with the kids
  • 4:30pm: shower before class/journal writing
  • 5pm: 2 hour yoga class
  • 7pm: dinner and piña coladas/margaritas
  • 10:30pm (ish): read a little before bed

every day was perfect and perfectly itself. there are a lot of people who have been doing this trip every year for a while, and it’s not hard to see why. most people don’t do all the yoga classes, either (despite what one might think). some only do a few. several people seemed to pick either morning or evening classes and just do those.

for once, i wasn’t super-worried about going on a trip by myself. and for good reason. everyone on the trip was incredibly kind, easy-going, and open. i’m excited and grateful for the new friends i made – thank you all for sharing a beautiful experience.

i can absolutely see myself doing this again (and other yoga retreats). if a way opens up to experience teacher training in Tulum, then i think it would be a gift to be able to follow through with that. either way, i know i will be taking this trip again, to practice and relax with some really wonderful company. (Dominique and i are already eyeing another retreat in Costa Rica, but all things in due time…)

still to come: the actual yoga update!

side note: my klutz-o-riffic self has managed to break a toe (middle, right foot) somehow! it must have been friday, but other than that, i got nothing. it’s taped up (taping a twin toe is a bit obnoxious), so i’m just waiting for the swelling to go down.


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