Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 17 February 2010

O2 yoga retreat – oh, right, we did some yoga

so i decided not to set a specific goal for myself on this retreat, except to do as much yoga as i felt comfortable doing. that ended up being 13 classes in 7 days! i worked mostly on maintaining my breath, monitoring my breathing, and checking on my core/ribs (aka “the lazy parts”).  setting this intention worked beautifully.

notable elements of my practice: i popped up into my first wheels since the shoulder injury. it felt alright – and felt awesome when we did partner-work on wheel with straps. mmmm. i’ve resolved to keep wheel in my Vinyasa practice, but to stick to either bridge or half-wheel in Ashtanga or Forrest classes (don’t think i’m up for the long holds yet). we did loads of inversions work at the wall and backbends – yay! my boat pose felt about as solid as it has ever been. i loved doing partner work and am super-excited about acroyoga next month now! did my first tortoise pose ever (what a strange one to get into!) and my first (assisted) forearmstand! noticed how much work i’m going to have to put into my hips.

things to practice: bird of paradise at the wall (length!), shoulderstand, hip placement in warriors, tripod headstand

i love that Mimi led us through chants, meditations, pranayama excersises, and readings during classes. one class started with the question “why do yoga?” and not rhetorically. i love hearing people’s answers to this (so if you are a yogi and want to tell me what keeps you in the practice, please do!). it was wonderful to take classes with Heather Stewart again – it was especially wonderful to take more advanced classes with her because she sequences so well and you feel ready to (safely!) try something new.

i learned some excellent things about my practice on this retreat, especially that i can strike a balance between pushing myself and respecting my physical limitations. i know that i could make amazing progress with a daily practice. arm balances, inversions, and backbends seem more attainable than ever. i will be content for now with the slower progress of a consistent practice.

my regular practice schedule for the rest of the spring will be: wednesday 7am core vinyasa w/Rachel, saturday 4pm ashtanga w/Roni & Rochelle, sunday 10:30am forrest w/Nicole.

occasional classes will include: sunday 7pm yin w/Heather A., monday 5:30pm vinyasa w/Mimi, monday 7:30pm acroyoga w/Bonnie, wednesday 7:30pm vinyasa w/Diana, friday 6pm intermediate vinyasa w/Elliott, saturday 6:15pm vinyasa with deep relaxation w/Ame. when i cover tuesday shifts, i’ll take either forrest w/Nicole or ashtanga w/Rochelle.  i’d love to sneak some of Peter’s classes in there, but not sure i can do it.

ps, when did i become athletic? this adjective has been ascribed to me recently, much to my surprise. i mean, i guess it might be accurate – i practice yoga a minimum of twice weekly, i have an hour of swimming every week, i organize monthly summer kickball games, and i like to bike when the weather is warm. i’d love to have time for a gym membership (healthworks has boxing classes… ) and expect to take dance classes in the fall. still. i’ve never thought of myself as athletic. bookish and clumsy, yes. athletic, no. is it time to rethink my perception of self?

injury update: shoulder is better except for strength-building. toe may be sprained rather than broken – swelling went down pretty quick. still feels weird when i take it out of the wrap though. i’ll give it a couple more weeks and maybe get an x-ray if it’s not feeling right by then.



  1. I do yoga and meditate because they’re the only things I’ve ever done that help to take me forward while also grounding me.

    PS: You ARE athletic.

  2. I’m right there with you on the “WTF athletic” front. Weird self-conception recalibration FTW!

    Dance class in the fall–did you find a flamenco? 🙂

    • hah! recalibration is a good word for it.

      i haven’t picked out a particular class yet, but it will definitely be flamenco. i figure i should be terrified of sailing before i turn my attention to being terrified of flamenco 😉

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