Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 3 March 2010

More on Story

let the record show that i come down firmly on the side of yes, a chronology can be a story. we have at least two characters (the dead guy, and the person who cared enough about the dead guy to write down that he died), we have loss (of person and crops), we have gain (of crops), and we have the passage of time. plus, we know some things about the cultural world of this chronicle: someone could write, someone had writing implements, someone had farm tools (and enough other people around to do some farming probably), the climate is conducive to wheat and barley crops (we are not in a desert or tundra), the climate is mild enough that bad crops are as worthy of notation as a death… i can go on. and please note that i am not leaning on the dates for historical data – i make no assumption that this occurs in a medieval european setting.

now, is it an exciting story? probably not for most people. it’s a bit interesting to me because i like this sort of thing. i’m of the opinion that story is the basic building block of humanity – it can be found in anything if you know what to look for.

my brain is headed more and more in this direction as my semester goes on. (ah, this is the graduate school i’ve been waiting for.) i had dinner with a friend over the weekend and watched his eyes glaze over… sorry, friends! try to remember that you love my unabashed enthusiasm, even when it’s directed at textual analysis. hey, maybe i’ll tell you that “your turn of phrase is actually quite poetic.” that’s nice, right?

also, i just finished reading Ariel Dorfman’s play Death and the Maiden. *swoon* short, tight, delightfully horrifying. the plot revolves around the “confession” of a doctor to the torture of a woman (during the Pinochet regime in Chile). i’ve read Dorfman’s -brilliant- poetry before and love that he picks up all the loose ends without tying anything into a tidy package. he makes you think like hell about big themes. he can lay it all on the line without awkwardness; a rare trick.

i am supposed to watch the film version as well for class. i got about 45 minutes into it, with another hour to go. eff this. assignment or not, i can’t watch it. the actors are great, but the whole thing is just contrived, put on, over-the-top. it bears only the loosest resemblance to Dorfman’s play, and while i don’t require utter faithfulness to enjoy something (a new format does require reinterpretation), i do need to be engaged in the artistic vision. i’m not. and i’m not wasting my time on it.

one magical day my shoulder is going to be normal again. i’ve noticed that in wheel, i can’t keep my left elbow in. my stupid shoulder is somehow out of whack and i’m not entirely sure what to do about it. is it time to get some p.t.? should i wait it out some more? there’s no pain, it’s not getting worse. but it’s hard to tell if it’s getting better either.

i think i grew two inches during Ashtanga last night. Roni adjusted the hell out of my back in my last forward fold (after shoulderstand) and, ah… there’s really nothing to bliss you out in a pose like someone’s full weight giving you the length your body forgets it has.


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