Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 15 March 2010

Give and Take

ask a question and the world will give you an answer. what do you do with all the unwanted you? offer it up to something greater than yourself. make yourself part of something bigger. thank you for all the energy, Wah!

some days seem so hard, and then you let life happen. and, amazingly, life gives you what you need. it surprises me every time. i hope that one day i’m going to learn to just trust.

my friend Marc sent me the following  questions over the weekend:

A) What is the one sentence you would share with the world if you knew everyone would listen to you?
B) What core values are important to you in your relationships?
C) What does “integrity” mean to you?

so this is what i’ve been pondering over the last few rain-drenched days. i could spend weeks thinking and not come up with definitive answers (are there any to questions such as these?), so i’ve decided to cut the thinking off by blogging my responses. add yours to the comments. mind, i don’t live up to these answers by a long shot, but it’s all part of the path.

a) be.

b) listening. respecting. trying. adapting.

c) recognizing inevitable paradoxes, creating consistency where possible.

ok, your turn!

miscellaneous updates: have mostly been working on Welsh of late, falling more and more in love with all those delightful consonants. my life is richer for the “hl” combo. English didn’t know what is was losing when it dropped that one. i’ve done some Cherokee studying recently, too, but it’s incredibly difficult without any listening outlets. at least with Welsh, i can put on BBC Radio Cymru. i’m fascinated by the similarities of good night in the two languages: “nos da” and “os da sv no i.” neat! i need to do more language research online for both. probably will have to wait until the end of the school semester, though.

after a week of running around doing other things, yoga this weekend brought me back to my own limbs. my friend Rob was assisting Ashtanga on saturday. between him, Roni, and Rochelle, i felt like a pampered yogi – so many great adjustments! but i’m particularly psyched about the shoulderstand lift i got – i have never done this pose comfortably, and this was the closest it’s ever been. sometimes, you just need someone to grab you by the legs so that you know what a pose can feel like. i didn’t like Ashtanga when i first tried it a year ago, but now i can’t imagine my practice without it. i also spent most of my morning upside-down in Nicole’s Forrest class yesterday. this is the best indication yet that my shoulder is basically healed. i have no soreness or stiffness today. hurrah! if i make it in to Ashtanga this week (questionable, because of my teaching schedule) i’m going to see how far into headstand i can walk myself. it’s time to try inversions for real again, i think. so the things i’m focusing on in my practice for the next few months will be: hips (where did all this junk in my hips come from anyway?! i swear i used to be so blissed out in pigeon and lately i just can’t get comfy), creating space in my spine and middle ribs, chest opening, inversions.

ps – bonus for those who read this to the end: spaweek deals are online. $50 for loads of treatments that normally cost $100 and up. i’ve booked myself a hot stone massage at la dolce vita. i wish i could justify two spa week appointments, but i’ll comfort myself with restaurant week dinner at the grotto on friday.


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