Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 8 June 2010

Summer of Yoga – take 1

i had decided that this summer would be my first attempt at a daily practice. i don’t want to make it impossible on myself, but i want to make it happen. 30 minutes is the goal each day. so here’s how my first week went:

day 1: home practice to a yoga journal forward bends podcast

day 2:  self-led yin-ish home practice

day 3: nothing but legs-up-the-wall

day 4: sun salutations & shavasana

day 5: vinyasa with deep relaxtion (Ame) at bby

day 6: forrest (Nicole) at bby

day 7: self-led partial ashtanga home practice (opening sequence, seated postures, closing sequence)

i did not want to hit my mat at 11pm last night. i wanted to hit my pillow. but i made myself do it. it’s good to get myself back in the habit of home practice, so that’s a definite perk of this attempt. i can tell that my practice has grown because even when i did home yoga before, i always had a podcast or something to guide me. i’m tempted to find myself a cheat sheet and try out a full primary series on my own. minus some of the transitions. and, well, ok, i might skip tortoise pose…

i’m not that bendy.

but maybe someday.


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