Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 15 June 2010

Culture and Politics

is it just me, or is the oil spill basically the same as the war on terror which is all the same as the health care crisis? (and loads of other historical american blunders i can think up, but let’s not clutter this any further.)

here’s the lesson that i learn from the country of my passport: rush in, get what you want, worry about disaster if you gotta. except that the “if” is more of a “when” that we’d rather ignore. this seems to be the modus operandi for war and big business alike. we have no plan for what to do when we don’t get our way. this is by no means something that limits itself to hotshot bankers and politicians. it permeates american culture. it feeds into the more, bigger, faster, now engine that has driven this country since it became a country.

so, ok, this isn’t new. this isn’t news. but in the wake of personal upheaval, i’m trying to reexamine what’s going on around me. why am i so impatient? i’m surrounded by impatience and don’t even notice it as a problem. why do i react first and think a distant forty-fifth? not a lot of great examples of quiet deliberation winning out the day in american culture. this is not to say that i have no agency in my actions. but to think that my environment doesn’t influence me would be to hobble myself further. the key, to me, seems to be consciousness. to pay attention. to understand the repercussions of decisions before they are made. to not ignore the warning signs.

in other news: my grandparents are in Ashville and Cherokee, NC for the week. my grandfather is pretty adorable. he’s getting older and when he hands the phone off everytime he says, “i’ll let you talk to your grandmother now. she is a native american.” i’m excited to be sending my grandmother info for tribal registration. baby steps. the politics of native identity in america is insane.

irrational burst of exuberance: i love home yoga practice, i love that the sun is out today, i love that Jason and i went for a cloudy-day sail over the weekend, i love listening to friends reading aloud, i love tiger lilies.


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