Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 2 September 2010

yoga tourism

so i’m in D.C. right now for work and doing a little yoga tourism. my favorite kind of tourism – ok, my second favorite kind. (my favorite kind usually involves dead bodies in a church/museum setting. or a transport museum. or eating. anyway.)

tonight i visited Studio Serenity and loved it. it doesn’t hurt that their new student special is $10 for 10 days of classes! this has to be the best deal i have ever heard of. the shape of the space was a bit odd – the classroom i was in was like a barbell – but very inviting. Karoline Neville was my teacher tonight, and she was sweet, calming, and taught a well-paced class with clear instructions. i appreciated that she was available to chat before and after class and made sure i knew how to handle my injury. i liked being taken up into a crescent lunge in stages – woah! surprisingly hard! i had the best half moon i’ve experienced in ages and ages. feeling balanced in that pose has always been difficult for me, so i feel like something shifted in a good direction if i can get that right now. undoubtedly, my forrest class on Monday with the one and only Peter Crowley helped.

life has been hectic, lonely, and generally quite terrifying of late. this week i’ve regrounded in my practice and i’m feeling the best i’ve felt probably since my retreat in january. it will be difficult to keep this momentum with my fall schedule, but if i can clear some of the crap out of my system now, at least that will be a plus for me.

tomorrow i’m going to get myself back to Serenity for the 7am class and hope to make one other while i’m in town (too bad they have so many classes cancelled for the holiday weekend). next weekend i’m activating my O2 groupon for a month unlimited, which may help me keep some of this good stuff flowing.



  1. Oooooh!! DC!!! Lived there almost a decade, off & on. There’s a gorgeous Forrest teacher up in the Rockville/Bethesda area named Christine Peterson, though I think she is busy with grad school right now & teaching less.
    Serenity sounds just fantastic. Enjoy the city!! Hugs.

    • Next time I’m down that way, hopefully I’ll have more time to explore. πŸ™‚ Love DC.

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