Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 17 September 2010

shuffle play

because i like lists, here’s a list of thoughts inspired by shuffle play

  • i heart rihanna’s “umbrella,” but i love mandy moore’s cover of it even more. and i love Dann for backing me up on both accounts.
  • i can only rearrange the mess in my head. rearrange. my. mess.
  • the history of the heart is no different from the history of the land.
  • brush percussion, you get me every single time.
  • “hold out for accident and emergency”
  • if i listen enough, i will find the way to write you out.


  1. “Umbrella” is totally one of my favorite songs. Can you yousendit me the Mandy Moore cover?

    • I can totally get it to you. It’s a crappy recording, but the song is great. 🙂

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