Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 11 November 2010

autumn overture

most people embark on new paths in the spring; it’s a natural time of year for change. i, unsurprisingly, am a contrary girl. fall is my major time for planning, recalibrating, and reassessing. in the fall, i retrench and gather myself. maybe i’m rallying for hibernation. somehow, the cycles of my life usually end in the spring. i’m wedded to the academic calendar, i suppose.

so what’s new? i’ve just moved into a new apartment, in a new neighborhood, with a new roommate. i’ve yet to have a place that felt truly like home in Boston, so every time i move there is a lot of emotional upheaval. i’m on a new teaching path right now, learning ESL and loving it. my job has changed, so i’m learning how to work with a new editor, new authors, and a new set of disciplines. i’ve started a new decade of my life.

i’m officially embarking on a new adventure in the new year: my first yoga teacher training. after much debate about where and with whom, i’ve settled into O2’s teacher training with the effervescent Mimi Loureiro. on a practical level, the schedule will work well for me. on an academic level, Mimi has a strong background in anatomy and nutrition, two elements that i suspect will be difficult for me and that i want to be a big part of my learning process. on a physical level, i’ve practiced with Mimi for years, i love her sequencing and presence, and i like that the training begins with 50 hours of Ashtanga training.  i love Ashtanga!

this feels like the right timing for this new chapter in my yoga practice. i don’t know that i will ever teach yoga as a profession. i do want to teach yoga on a volunteer basis. but more importantly, i want to reconnect with myself bodily and emotionally. this feels like the step i need to take to begin again.



  1. I can definitely relate to no place in Boston ever really feeling like home, so I hear you there! That’s exciting about your teacher training! Sounds like you’ve found a really good person to learn from 🙂

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