Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 23 November 2010

yoga tourism – Yoga Samadhi, Atlanta

on my just-completed work trip to atlanta for 5 days, i managed to sneak in two nights of yoga tourism at Yoga Samadhi. the space is quite nice, clean and airy, and the classes i went to happened to be small, which made for lots of personal attention.

class one: restorative with stephanie. perfect post-flight yoga class! the combo of intense busyness in my life and travel stress means that my body is not at its best. lots of tension, difficulties with my shoulder, shortness/tightness of breath. as with any good restorative class, this was prop-land. i used to do loads of yin & restorative classes, but for most of this year my schedule has precluded it. and i’ve barely been home since august, so not much home practice. oh dear. poses that i once experienced with ease are now inaccessible. this just goes to show that i need to work on my fascia with more regularity. stephanie was personable and taught a deliciously relaxing class. i’d certainly take a class with her again.

class two: level II with rutu. i’ll get my major complaint out of the way: she never asked about injuries and started class before i had an opportunity to volunteer any information. with only three students, there’s no excuse for not checking in. this is even more disturbing given that she’s just returning to this studio after years of living on the west coast. there were poses that i could not do and i had to be careful of how she adjusted my shoulder. by the time i was able to say something to her about my body, we were 2/3 of the way through class. not reassuring. that said, there were things about her teaching that i liked. rutu has a calming tone and gives good verbal adjustment cues. this was not a flow class, and i did find myself having a difficult time with my breathing. i never established a rhythm and experienced a lot of shallow breathing, which is not necessarily surprising, but is unusual for my practice. i love doing shoulder stand with a big ole pile of blankets. i also love half moon at the wall. the big plus of this class was being talked through early phases of poses rather than being asked to just pop into them. glad i went to this class, but i wouldn’t actively seek out this particular teacher again, although i wouldn’t avoid her either. there are some things that i’d like to take with me from her class, though. shoulder rolls = good idea!


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