Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 25 February 2011

something exciting happens…

yoga teacher training! it’s hard to know where to even start. i guess first things first: i am working with an amazing and awesome group of people. i chose to do my training at O2 because i already knew that Mimi and Elliott are phenomenal, and i wanted some of that to rub off on me. but the people i’m learning with are just as great.

40 hours into the program, i can honestly say i’ve been pushed past anything i thought i could do in such a short span of time. i’ve pretty well learned the Ashtanga primary series in sanskrit, and taught it (with some lapses… hey, who doesn’t like a little extra time in down dog?). i’ve started to learn adjustments – they’re very hard for me to remember, but i expected that. i will be needing lots practice getting my hands on people. yoga-experienced volunteers are welcome! 😉

Mimi’s approach to teaching makes sense to me; partially because she explains clearly. starting with primary series has been helpful for so many reasons: the set series allows a different type of focus on the poses and the breath than a non-set sequence of poses. knowing what’s coming next makes it a little easier to learn the adjustments and to work on the timing. not having to talk through every aspect of the pose is helpful. diving right into teaching a full 90 minutes while adjusting is daunting, but not in a negative way. it’s a reminder of how much goes into doing this, especially into doing it well, both as a teacher and as a student.

physically, i hit the wall early on, crashing into a major headache. i had a heavy energy day, but bounced back and felt good after that.

although i know that many of my friends would consider me a touchy-person (and comparatively i am), i am running up against my own tentativeness and emotional flightiness. i’ve lost much of my confidence in my body for a variety of reasons, and the rest i never had to begin with. to be able to ground someone else, i’m needing to relearn my tactile self. i find myself using my hands differently and being differently aware of my use of space. which is totally neat. i have no idea if i will ever teach yoga or not, but my relationship to my body and my practice have been entirely rearranged by having this macro-view of what i’ve been doing all these years.

for the first time in years, this month i feel like i’m exactly where i should be. this is challenging and difficult, and i’ve been nervous at times, but it’s not scary. it’s not overwhelming. it’s exactly the sort of push i need.



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