Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 1 May 2011


one of the oddest elements of yoga teacher training is learning to have multiple teaching personalities. i can’t teach SAT prep to high schoolers the way i teach ESL to adults. nor can i teach either of these things the way i teach yoga. it’s not dissimilar to having an array of writing styles. my work writing is different from my school writing is different from my blogging, and my poetry is nothing like anything else. but each style is distinctly mine.

so what’s important to me as a yoga teacher? alignment? anatomy? sanskrit? spirituality? accessibility? storytelling? i’m not actually sure yet. there’s much more work for me to do just to get words to come out of my mouth in front of a class. but i want to approach my teaching with awareness rather than just willy-nilly tacking bits and pieces.  i want to find ways to include other things that are important to me, like poetry, without it being cheesy and silly.

as my spring commitments wind down (classes are nearly over, SAT teaching is done), i’m deciding how to focus my summer months. yoga, spanish class, thesis reading, and grant/study abroad research are going to be my major projects. i wish that i could concentrate on something outdoors, but i need to give my attention in a way that will get me done with grad school and able to live abroad.


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