Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 12 May 2011

time capsule self

i’m attempting to go through all the things i have and get rid of some of it. i’m sentimental and tend to hang on to things. sometimes ridiculous things. among the relics of my childhood, i came across some sort of random computer-generated personality test that my elementary school best friend and i did. (side note: it is printed on paper that had to have those side bits ripped off… what was that called?) it’s from 1993, so it is close to 20 years old. it’s shockingly accurate. some excerpts:

“Introduction: Independent is the key word to describe h.h. She often finds it very difficult, however, to follow her inclinations without running into trouble. Although she is most comfortable when she gets herself into a routine, she is pulled to upset the apple cart and seek out excitement.

Relationships: h.h. seeks friends who share her offbeat perspective. h.h. may spend time with others who share her unusual views of the world. She is likely to try to cover up her fear of being rejected by friends by avoiding interactions with them. Her timing often seems off in developing new friendships.

Coping with stress: h.h. may not seem to be in touch with the world. Stress really affects h.h. in negative ways. When pressured, she can either react with excessive activity or total indifference. Regardless of what she may do, underneath it all she is extremely uneasy and fearful. If all does not go well, she may withdraw from the rest of the world. She might try to escape through daydreams or fantasy. During such times, you may find her difficult to communicate with, almost as if she cannot focus her attention on what you are saying.”

Apparently I haven’t changed much in 20 years, and a software program from 1984 had me pegged.



  1. Continuous pinfeed paper! Also fanfold paper. Kinda miss the stuff. I remember when microperf was the best new thing EVER.

    I called the strips with the holes that one ripped off the sides “striplets,” but I think that was just me.

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