Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 11 July 2011

balmy day sweet sangria

there is nothing in the world i love more than summer. i never feel like myself under 5,000 layers of clothing, wiping winter mucus away. i now have just a tiny bit of a tan after time spent in new bedford with my beloved bestie K and a perfect day at Fenway this weekend past. i can wear dresses and ride my bike. es todo que necesito.

here’s a list of the things i want to make happen with the remainder of my sunshine days:

  • visit the harbor islands
  • teach a few informal outdoor yoga classes
  • arboretum picnic
  • go camping
and here are some random things that i’m working on that are interesting to me:
  • discussing my tribal name with my grandmother
  • getting a skirt for flamenco classes
  • registering for a course on the Inca & a course in Latin American culture in the fall
  • volunteering at 826Boston, which is basically the best place in the world
i’ve decided that there are 4 things i’m really focusing time on this year: yoga, thesis reading, poetry (which includes reading, writing, & submitting), and spanish. so far, so good! why 4 things? because 4 is a magical number, and i can use some magic in my life.


  1. I love summer too–it’s so awesome. Also, I love your list of things to do–just went camping this past weekend and it was heavenly. The campground–Gilson Pond at Monadnock state park was fabulous–very quiet, very away from traffic and filled the smell of pine. Only about 2 hour drive from Boston. Also, I’d love to talk with you about volunteering at 826–been thinking about doing it for awhile.

    • 826 is the best! we’ll definitely have to chat about it. thanks for the campground tip.

  2. Summer is my favorite too. Do you have appropriate shoes for flamenco? I understood that the footwear is most important.

    • I’ve got character shoes, which will work. 🙂

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