Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 26 September 2011

still in training

i’ve been struggling lately with how to prioritize various elements of my life. a big one of these is teaching yoga. my “yoga in the park” thing didn’t work out the way i thought it would (only ended up teaching 1 class out of 4 planned, mostly due to attendance). i’m intending to try out a “yoga for charity” experiment over the winter. we’ll see how that goes.

i thought that i would sign up for a mentorship with a teacher of mine, Nicole, who has an incredibly deep knowledge of how to work with the body.  i could learn an amazing amount from her. after much teeth-gnashing, i’ve reluctantly decided that the timing of this is not right for me. i hope that i will have the chance to do this in the winter or spring of next year because i would regret the missed opportunity. a major fault of mine, though, is not providing myself with the appropriate amount of time and space for the things that i take on. it’s something that i want and need to work on; passing on this mentorship and recognizing that it’s not good for me right now is, i hope, a small but positive step in that direction.

i don’t feel that i can offer myself as a sub at any studios right now. my schedule is just too nuts, and what’s the point of saying i can sub if i can only do it 1 weekend day & 1 week night? however, a friend of mine recently asked if i would be comfortable subbing his Ashtanga class if needed. not sure that anything will come of that, but i would LOVE to teach some Ashtanga. the next couple weekends are spoken for, but next month i plan to take a few classes at the studio – the idea of teaching somewhere that i’ve never practiced doesn’t sit well with me and seems unprofessional. i’m waiting for a minor (and silly) ankle injury to clear up, but fall really makes me want to dig into my Ashtanga practice big time.

so i’m revising my ideas about what place yoga teaching will have in my life right now. i’d like to inquire with a couple of people about doing some adjusting for their classes to get practice and keep learning how to get my hands on people in effective ways. i’ll try to offer a class of my own once a month. i want to reinvest in my Ashtanga practice and ask some of the experienced ashtangis i know for their advice. next year, i hope to pursue a mentorship and participate in some anatomy workshops. i’m also planning to put together a list of “Essential Yoga Reads” & set some research goals for the next six months. if you’ve got any book recs, please comment!!!



  1. I want to see the book list you develop. (When are you going to do this reading, Inca girl?)

    It sounds like you have some reasonable goals for this (well, reasonable in Heatherland, anyway). You do have a lot of stuff going on right now and it’s smart of you to take stock of that and give yourself enough time to get it all done. (This is what I keep telling myself about not having touched a poem since March. Yardwork ate my poems?)

    • owning a house is definitely going to eat some poems! (yardwork ate my poems might be a good title for something sometime) 😉

      i’ll be sure to post my booklist. my goal right now is to read 1 book per month the rest of this year, 2 in january, and 2-3 between february & march of next year. anything that i should make sure not to miss?

      • If you’re interested in meditation, Eknath Easwaran’s Passage Meditation is my favorite book I’ve read for YTT. It is absolutely a delight. But if you’re focusing on yoga stuff specifically, I totally understand.

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