Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 30 November 2011

food coma


so my adventures in the coming month will include a trip to argentina for a wedding, and i will be staying with the bride’s family in an urban area (but not buenos aires). from everything that i’ve gathered in talking with people who have visited or lived in argentina, it’s going to be near-impossible for me to get by there without eating meat. for better or worse, i made the decision to go into what i’ve dubbed “meat training” for the month. my logic is that if it’s extremely unlikely that i can avoid meat, i don’t want to risk being sick while i’m there. i don’t expect to be fully in control of what i eat, hate the idea of being difficult when i’m being hosted by a friend’s family, and it’s not like i’ll die if i eat meat (it’s a choice that i can make from a position of privilege, after all, not a life-threatening medical decision), and the meat that i would be eating is way less processed than what i am eating here.

if this is starting to sound like me trying to rationalize this decision, well…

so i had decided that i’d start off by eating some turkey last week, which i did. i also had a sandwich that involved ham from one of my favorite local restaurants that is going out of business in a couple weeks. ugh. just this small amount of meat reintroduced in my diet and my body feels heavier. my digestion feels slow. overall it’s just not pleasant. so now i’m wondering what the eff am i doing? shouldn’t i back out of this? but i really would rather feel this way now than while i’m traveling and am hoping against my better instincts that i might not feel junky while i’m in argentina.

so i’m feeling like i’m in limbo right now. i’m not too keen mentally or physically about continuing with this meat training experiment, yet i’m not sure that backing out of it is the best idea either. one thing is for sure, this has been super valuable in giving me a solid basis to compare how i feel on a pescetarian diet versus a fully omnivorous one. and, weirdly, i can eat awful processed crap from a box and still feel better than i do eating meat. which just seems wrong.


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