Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 9 February 2012

Have it With

“They are having a problem, you must have it with them. Without that, any solution will fail. It will make the problem worse.” (from this article on public relations)

I’ve got no ties to Burning Man other than knowing some folks who have attended. Two things in this article got my attention, though: the emphasis on honesty & transparency and the above quote.

It doesn’t take many yoga classes to hear someone talking about “being with” X – the present moment, the breath, sensation in the body… insert your own favorite yoga cliche here. But these cliches have meaning and when I have a chance to see it in action in the real world (people make $$$$$ on public relations, after all) it reminds me that this stuff that I’m hearing – and saying – is bigger than I tend to give it credit for being. It matters. And it impacts how a person can live their yoga instead of just practicing asana.

Anything that I push to the side is not being solved, it’s getting worse. That could mean anything from a physical injury to a relationship to a line item on my to-do list.With that in mind, I’m going to go have problems with my permissions spreadsheet.


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