Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 13 February 2012


possibly somewhere in the world there is a man who will give me quiet time when i need to read and write and yoga, will be enchanted by the WKC dog show or creative reality shows with me, will drink beer and dance around the house for no good reason, will not be put off by my sarcasm and deadpan humor, will think my passion for sports is charming, won’t mind that i squeak when i get excited, will soak up the sun and wander the earth with me, finds my social crusader side inspiring rather than offputting, and doesn’t think it’s odd that i’m fascinated by plagues and bog people and birds black and tropical and otherwise.

and if that man is imaginary, i’ve got a whole lot of awesome ladyfriends. feeling thankful for the people who let me be.


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