Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 15 February 2012

south of the equator

i heard today about the first big piece of my potential summer plan: study abroad in Santiago, Chile. i was accepted into harvard’s program!!! i would take two courses while i’m there, have a homestay, and hopefully get to travel around the country quite a lot. i’d really like to see the Atacama and to visit the south (although that might not work so well since it’s winter there).

before any of that happens, there are a bunch of other things that need to fall into place:

  • approval of the time away
  • passport renewal
  • finding $7k (loans, grants, selling organs) – a big chunk of that can come back to me because i’d get tuition remission. the only issue is that it would be a reimbursement so i have to pay up front.

among the things to plan are two other trips i’d ideally like to append to Chile:

  • Cuzco/Machu Picchu: this one is pretty non-negotiable for me. if i’m there, i’m going to make it happen. ideally, i will have a day or two in Cuzo on either end of a hiking/camping trip up to Machu Picchu.
  • Argentina: i would really like to spend a couple of days exploring Cordoba since i didn’t get to see it in december & would love to see the rocha family. i’d also like to spend a few days in Buenos Aires if i can. if something has to go, though, this is expendable. i’m pretty sure there will be other trips to Argentina in my future.

this is a lot to figure out, but now that i know i’ve been accepted, i can get to work. this is a huge opportunity for me to travel, finish my coursework for my master’s, visit places relevant to my thesis work, and seriously improve my language skills. i’m also looking forward to taking some yoga classes in spanish!



  1. podemos practicar antes de su viaje 🙂 necesito un companero de conversacion!

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