Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 26 October 2012


because i don’t know who or where or how to be

because the worst violence we do ourselves

because i want to call and don’t

because snow will fall hail will fall rain will fall all our rivers will fill

because this incessant rehearsing leads to nothing

because that one day in the kitchen

because that one day driving so far

because i can’t be in this bar alone

because the aurora borealis

because there are barely any photographs

because time keeps not happening

because i keep wishing not happening

because i don’t know what i mean to even say

because the bricks and cobblestones are slick

because the giving and the taking and the giving and the taking take giving

because the laundry would pile and pile

because i never learned to cartwheel

because i may run out of exclamation marks

because that one day one day one day will


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