Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 9 November 2012

over whelmed

i process verbally. which means i have to talk things out with someone (sorry, friends) or write things out somewhere (sorry, readers). and as the end of 2012 gets closer and closer, i am reflecting more on this difficult exciting ridiculous time in my life. i’m not the person i was last year or the beginning of this year. in huge huge huge ways.

i am excited for the writing projects i am embarking on: my thesis work and some big poetry projects. i can officially celebrate one whole year of yoga teaching, and loving every second of it. but more than anything else, i am scared and happy to be feeling like i want to be in the world… i guess i’m not really sure where i’m going with this…

no, maybe i know where i’m going. i am overwhelmed right now by the amazing people i know. so joyously overwhelmingly full that sometimes i actually want to cry. in the best possible way. last weekend i was fortunate to be with one of my best friends for his beautiful wedding day. and to spend real, solid, nurturing time with friends -old and brand new- who absolutely fill my heart. last night i watched a slice of the amazing creative community in boston do what they do best. this weekend i get to visit loved ones and meet their daughter. monday and tuesday i get to see more amazing creative people make amazing things happen. and this just accounts for a week and a half of time. and a year ago, i was only barely in a space where i could vaguely engage with the people around me.

i suppose in some ways i needed to be withdrawn for that while. and it’s not an all-or-nothing proposition, sometimes it will still be that way. but the world feels brand new and wonderful. and i feel blessed. for the opportunities of discovery i have been granted, especially in traveling and in yoga. for the people who have touched my life, whether they even know they have or not. for the people who have chosen to support me and love me through all my overthinkings and ramblings and doubtings and strugglings. i cannot thank you enough.



  1. xoxo

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