Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 7 December 2012

the poet as echo

the echo as anchor.

working through a certain type of time. looping into my writing space. having a retreat weekend has been a truly profound experience for me. simple and beautiful and nurturing. and a nice ass-kicking.

since my rockport retreat in october, i’ve had three poems accepted; i’ve done a lot of editing of older work; i’ve begun some experiments over on my poetry space; and i’m looking into some longer term situations. i’m also starting what i’m thinking of as a creative exchange web project with a friend. the interesting active component for me now is that i am recording poems-in-progress and posting them for a limited time (at the link above). “the ghosts of me…” is up until the end of the weekend. something new will replace it next week.

i told someone recently i can’t live the trick of linear time. i can’t stop being in the places and with the people who came before, who have yet to arrive, who stand right here. when i practice yoga and i move with the intention to be present, it doesn’t mean living in one type of time. for me it means finding how times coexist in my body without fighting it, without frustration. i need to be on my mat more. i need to write more.

the anchor as echo.

the echo as poet.


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