Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 13 December 2012

contact & consequence

uncontainable excitement!

for six or seven years i’ve wanted to get a collaborative creative blog going. an ekphrastic conversation. the majority of my friends do art that involves them in mountains of collaboration. and i’m generally over here in poet-land hiding away to do my little thing in the quiet solo. but i don’t truly write in a vacuum. i’m moved by everything and everyone around me. i’ve wanted that dialog to be more explicit, though. to be directly inspired by and (ideally) inspiring in turn.

and now i’m sharing a new-born tumblr space with my friend Alicia. we’ll be daisy-chaining our work together – her photography and my poetry – with a new post appearing on average once a week. of course, i’m already making a mess of that plan because i love Alicia’s first image and was so inspired right away that i know i will be updating  soon. so generally expect about four new pieces a month, two from each of us; but if we get on a roll, maybe a little more. if life happens with force, maybe a little less.

contact & consequence.



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