Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 15 April 2013

i’m in love with massachusetts

just a couple of weeks ago i wrote: “place matters. i want to give my heart to the place i am. for now, i will go back home and return home and feel none the wiser but more the inspired for it.”

and yesterday i returned home, home to boston. i had a beautiful boston spring day – my first trip this season to fenway park, a long walk through kenmore square and around boylston and newbury streets, dinner at trident cafe. spring is starting here, trees finally beginning to bloom effusively. the inspiring, lovely bigness of spring in new england.

marathon monday, patriots day, is the most boston of all holidays. the only day when the strictest of puritan cities tolerates some public tomfoolery. a day when people get up before dawn and don various gear, preparing to recreate the beginnings of the american revolution or to pound the pavement and challenge heartbreak hill. a day that always always always includes an afternoon red sox game. a day when the world turns its attention to this walkable gem of a city, when copley square becomes the center of everything. a holiday that is only celebrated within a small confine. the cozy confine of boston. even if you cross the river into cambridge, you don’t get patriots day as a holiday.

what does it mean to see violence done to your city? it means you love as hard as you can. love your friends and love your families and love all the tiny acts and unknown people who make up your life. love the street you walked down a million times that is changed forever. love the memories of every time you stood before, beside, behind the finish line. love the men and women who will be awake all night to make sure we can all be as safe as possible. love paying taxachusetts and knowing that you have some of the finest first responders anywhere on earth. love the people walking down the street offering everything they can.

the thing that i love most about boston is the deep sense of communities here. people are passionate and proud and united here. i first felt it well over a decade ago in the tingling roar wafted on late april breezes of tens of thousands of people cheering their heads off in fenway park; a beautiful roar rivaled only by the sea, audible for blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks. when i saw my first boston marathon in 2000, i couldn’t believe the way the city glowed with joy. i’d never encountered such a thing. my then-boyfriend and i volunteered for the 107th marathon, helping direct families to meet their loved ones who had crossed the finish line and passing out bags of snacks to victorious runners. that passion and pride are part of every patriots day. i’ve seen it countless times since then, manifested in countless ways. boston sports fans are notorious for their loyalty and dedication. it’s an outlet for our love of this city and everyone in it. and it’s here tonight. it will be here tomorrow. because we love our city and our neighbors and our history and our heartaches. because the answer to violence is love.

Duck Tour, Copley Sq, May 2012

On a Duck Tour, Copley Sq, May 2011


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