Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 30 April 2013

spring cleanse wind down

i hate to say it, but i’m not wallowing in that fresh and so clean clean feeling post-spring cleanse. maybe it’s the being sick (i still have a lot of congestion to deal with. ugh). maybe it’s the fact that this april is The Worst. maybe when i look back on this in a month i’ll feel totally awesome about it.

in any case, i’m still glad that i went through the process, modified though it was. i reintegrated faster than i’d like, but at least this time around took a little longer. and it does feel a little easier to make smarter food choices – let’s see how long that lasts in the face of my french fry addiction. and making any small amount of mental and emotional space is a good thing. it doesn’t feel like enough, but something is better than nothing as i attempt to juggle two master’s programs at two separate universities and fulltime work. 

as of now, i intend to revisit the fall cleanse. depending on timing of the group and my own life, i may end up skipping out. but if i do, i know that i have some of the ayurvedic principles of this process in my toolbox now. i can make my own mini-version up if need be. no holy-wow feeling, but piece by piece, i am doing the work.


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