Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 27 November 2013

a tale of two masters

this is just to say that it’s all still happening. can a person hold down a publishing day-job, finish a master’s thesis in foreign literature, begin an mfa in creative writing, and keep sane and keep dreaming of the next steps? so far, yes. it helps to have an awesome roommate who will do all the dishes without hating your guts.

the most important survival skill i have learned this semester is how to separate off my time into effective slices. i can handle a day where i work on poetry & outside things (like errands or tidying up or singing loudly off-key in my room to chill out). i cannot handle thesis writing and switching to something else. i am learning about working within my limits and being forgiving of my trespasses. i am learning -slowly- about saying no to things i would normally love to do and hoping that no is a temporary thing. no one can teach you these things. my mistakes probably won’t help anyone else, but i am learning how to be myself from this process. i threw myself at this insane wall of over-achieving, i haven’t drowned yet, and i’m less afraid.

would i ever advise another human being to have three full-time commitments at once? not likely. but two masters has been the right road for me. one step at a time, turtle girl.


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