Posted by: birdmaddgirl | 21 January 2015

poetry anticipation

2015: year of extreme poetry anticipation

There are just so DAMN many books coming out that I’m excited to read. I can’t even go past the first few months of the year. Here’s an extremely thin but awesome slice of what I’ll be spending my dollars on:

Philip Metres : Sand Opera – January 2015
This is en route to my house from Powell’s right now.
An erasure book that takes on US war and torture – I will be tearing into this.
And that is one fantastic cover!

Cate Marvin : Oracle – March 2015
Lucky me – I got to read this book in proof! And I can’t wait to own a copy to read it again.
Every single poem, every single line, refuses to compromise. And it is funny as hell.

Terrance Hayes : How to Be Drawn – March 2015
If you don’t already know that Terrance Hayes is one of the greatest writers out there, then here’s your chance to get on it.
The Confederate Ghost poem alone is worth the price of admission.

Richard Siken : War of the Foxes – April 2015
Admittedly, I’m a late-comer to the Siken party. But that means I haven’t had to wait a whole decade for the follow up to his amazing Yale Younger debut, Crush.

Simeon Berry : Ampersand Revisited – May 2015
Selected by Ariana Reines for the National Poetry Series in 2013.
I wish I could show the cover for this already, because it’s lovely.
Another book that I’ve had a sneak peek on. (Disclaimer: I had a small hand in its editing.)
You can check out a sample from Ampersand Revisited via the link above, so you don’t have to take my word that these poems combine unflinching emotional honesty with wry poetics and command serious attention.

Bonus! Something that’s already out!
Erin Belieu: Slant Six – November 2014
This gem snuck out just in time for the holidays. Slant Six bursts with wit and song and verve. Even the NYT thinks so.
So you should go buy this right away. Right. Away.


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